Our Mission


The pursuit of scholarly and strategic teaching, research, policy advocacy and outreach services in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies – targeted at strategic national and regional needs.

our vision


To become a Regional Centre of Excellence, a highly demanded Think Tank in International Relations, Diplomatic and Strategic Studies.needs.




In achieving its Vision and fulfilling its Mission, the Centre for Foreign Relations is guided by to the following values:

  1. The pursuit of national and international norms of quality assurance;
  2. Critical thinking, enquiry, and tolerance  to a diversity of ideas amongst staff and students;
  3.  Participation in the national, region and international events and networks;
  4. Being receptive and responsive to social issues within the framework of the institutional mission;
  5. Promotion of the internationalisation of the Centre though the enrolment of more international students and more international cooperation;
  6.  Promoting the application of modern technology (e.g., ICT) in the delivery of the academic and the administrative functions; and 
  7. Promoting good institutional governance, innovation and public accountability.



Our Extra-Ordinary experiences are based on  the following entities:

  1. Academic Deliverance
  2. Exploration
  3. Consultancies



The Mozambique-Tanzania Centre for Foreign Relations (CFR) is one of the higher learning institutions in Tanzania. The Centre was established in 1978 following an agreement between the governments of the Republic of Mozambique and the United Republic of Tanzania. The Centre enjoys a diplomatic status incorporated in Immunities and Privileges Act N0. 5 (1986). This incorporation conferred the Centre with the status of a Diplomatic Institution, a status which the Centre continues to enjoy to date.

The Centre was originally designed to train Foreign Service Officers of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy. However, the expansion of foreign policy constituency and the demand for each country rising out of global changes enabled the Centre to admit students from other ministries, government institutions, the private sector as well as from other countries.

To meet the above changes, the Centre introduced new demanded programmes namely; Economic Diplomacy, Languages and Communication Skills and Strategic Studies.

International Relations is an important discipline offered in other higher learning institutions. However, the Centre combines the study of International Relations and Diplomacy into one meaningful training programme.

Moreover, the Centre offers a comprehensive programme for the low and medium level government and private sector personnel dealing with International Relations and Diplomacy.